Meditation for Anxiety

I have been suffering with anxiety. From as far back as I can remember.

Sometimes, it’s paralysing. Oftentimes, I feel it and get on with things anyway. And sometimes, I’m barely aware of it but it lurks underneath almost every thought and task, every moment.

Being extremely honest with myself about how I’ve been experiencing the world has helped. I don’t need to pretend any more.

The reality is that I don’t feel safe. My baseline belief is that bad things happen and that I am not secure.

When I put language on this, I know that it isn’t true. Spiritually, I feel that all is well and all shall be well.

But for whatever reason, for many reasons, my body doesn’t trust enough to let go. It holds on tight.

And my mind repeats self-destructive stories so I try to control every single little thing in order to protect myself. This does not work and I wind up feeling even more stressed, irritable and exhausted.

What I need now are many things: to speak to myself gently, to love myself unconditionally, to remind myself that I AM safe.

I also need touch: to self-massage, and to embrace myself, as well as give and receive hugs, book in for massages and/or other bodywork.

I need movement, to connect with my breath and to practice self-soothing exercises.

I need a healthy balance of inching out of my comfort zone and curling up in safety.

I need to get angry, to cry and grieve, to release.

I need to meditate, to be still and present, to sit in awareness.

From this place, from knowing and understanding how many of you might also be feeling, I create meditations and workshops that I need and that I hope hold and help you too.

For this reason, my next meditation session is for those of us who suffer from anxiety.

Tuesday 23rd November, 7:00-7:30PM Irish time, via Zoom.

We will move and stretch, self-massage and breathe. And I will guide you in meditation and visualisation.

This will be a safe space for all of us. You can leave your camera on or off and I will mute all participants during the meditation.

I will record the session but only I will be visible and audible. So if you can’t attend live, this won’t prevent you from benefiting. And if you’re present on the evening, you may wish to repeat the session. This will be available for three weeks from the live date.

I am offering this for just €5, which can be transferred via Revolut to @sharonov81 or to +353871411662 or via PayPal to If you’d like to pay with card, you can click here. Alternatively, ask me for my IBAN.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who may need this session. And reach out with any questions.

I’m looking forward to it.

World Wellness Weekend




World Wellness Weekend is taking place in Kildare Town Friday 18th – Sunday 20th September 2020.


Book in for a taster treatment with me (acupuncture or reiki or a bit of both) in the CYMS this Sunday

Click on the link to choose your time: Treatment Times



I’ll also be doing a meditation class 3.30-4.30pm in Solas Bhride (click on the link to secure your space): Book Meditation Now

Join in for some guided meditation, mindfulness, breathwork & gentle movement ‍♀️‍♂️




There’s so much more on offer this weekend from yoga, tai chi, breathwork, sound bath and mindful walking to reflexology, and massage, conscious parenting and ayurveda!


It’s so nice to be back in the community offering people much-needed treatments, movement, information and relaxation as well as supporting each other as therapists and teachers.

Online Meditation Course September-October 2020


So many benefits to meditating regularly!

Whether you’re a beginner & would like to try it or if you would simply like to practice more and be led by an experienced facilitator in guided meditation, mindfulness, visualisation, breathwork & gentle movement/stretching, join in for these 30-minute sessions via Zoom.

8:30-9pm Wednesdays for six weeks starting 9th September and finishing 14th October 2020.

€50 for the entire course or €10 pay-per-class.

You can pay via Revolut (0871411662) or or ask me for my IBAN.

I’m looking forward to meditating with you.

Release Resistance Workshop March 2020



“Stress is wanting something to be different than what it is.” ~ Eckhart Tolle
Sharon will be running a workshop on Releasing Resistance on Sunday 8th March 2020 in a beautiful space in Balanced Bodies in The Courtyard in Newbridge.
Time: 2.30-5.30pm.
Cost: €30.
This workshop will look at what resistance is, why we experience it & the impact it’s having on our lives (in body, mind & even in the choices we make).
This relaxing, insightful and empowering workshop will include mindfulness, meditation, movement, breathing exercises, journaling & guided visualisation along with a short break for tea & snacks.
We will learn where our resistance stems from, we will bring it into the light to acknowledge & heal it, and we will release it so that we can experience freedom, peace, clear vision & a lightness of being.

Well of Being’s Sharon Vogiatzi is a Life Coach & holistic therapist as well as an experienced facilitator of Mindfulness, meditation & Positive Living classes in Kildare & Dublin. She is passionate about the mind-body connection & she loves sharing her wisdom to help others experience peace & happiness.

Contact Sharon on 087-1411662 or or book directly on the Balanced Bodies website here -> Book online