Little Camino

The past month has been weighed down with money worries, career anxiety, fear for the future and feelings of insecurity. This in turn has had an effect on my self-esteem; how I see myself and how I feel when I’m with others.

The main outcome of a much-needed business coaching session this week was that I need to love myself. And yesterday, I had another revelation.

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Today I attend a Life Coach for a much-needed, sort of dreaded business coaching session. We speak about timelines and deadlines. The Life Coach draws a “To-Do” box on the whiteboard. We also discuss ideas, fears and things that are weighing me down.

I confess that I’ve really been beating up on myself lately. I’ve been comparing myself unfavourably to others, calling myself names and believing that I’m “less than”. My mean streak is at a peak.

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Good Cheer

The other day, I was listening to a show on Hay House Radio. The topic was the importance of having your own personal cheerleaders – friends who will rally around during the tough times and cheer you on to succeed.

One of the women referred to a time she was speaking at an event. She asked the audience: “Who here has someone they can call when something goes wrong?” Everyone immediately raised their hands.

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Reiki is a non-intrusive therapy that promotes the free-flow of energy, which improves health and well-being by removing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks.
Reiki helps restore balance and harmony, providing deep relaxation.

About Sharon

Mind-Body-Soul Coach Sharon Vogiatzi is a qualified and experienced Personal & Business Life Coach, Acupuncturist, Reiki Practitioner and Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator.

Sharon is passionate about helping people to be as well as they can be by working on mind, body and soul so that her clients can enjoy healthy, happy, successful lives.

Having benefited immensely from alternative treatments and life coaching herself, Sharon was inspired to study these practices and she now uses these skills with her clients with extremely positive results.

She is fascinated with the mind-body-soul connection and regularly attends continuous professional development courses and avidly reads on the subjects of psychology, health, well-being and personal development.

Writing is a big love of Sharon’s. She has a popular blog Better than Surviving and has written for various publications and websites. She also wrote a children’s book called The Lightbridge Mystery, which contains a very special message for children and adults alike.

Balance and enjoyment are very important for Sharon. She is a fan of good food and wine, yoga and swimming in the sea (even during the winter), books, movies, travel and nature.

Sharon thrives on challenging herself and trying new things. She’s currently learning Greek and how to play the harmonica!

During the pandemic, Sharon made her dream a reality by moving to Greece, on her father’s home island of Crete, where she lives with her fiance, up the hill from her sister.

For a Reason

Three things I’m taking away from my Life Coaching session this morning:

1. I’m going to work with the “negative” voice that regularly pipes up with annoying statements like: “You’re not good enough.” 

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Basic Human Needs

Last night, I read Marianne Power’s most recent post on the six basic human needs. Yes, it may seem like I’ve become obsessed with this woman and maybe I have. But not in a lesbian way. In an admiring, respecting, fellow-blogger-and-self-help-enthusiast way.

Anyway, I found Marianne’s post really interesting. Marianne is regurgitating self-improvement guru Tony Robbins’ work and I, in turn, am regurgitating Marianne’s work. But we’re all putting our own spin, experience and insights into it.

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Some of you will be familiar with a popular song of the moment, “Cheerleader” by OMI. Well, up until Sunday night, I thought the lyrics went something like this: “Oh I think that I found myself a cherry air.” 

Which makes no sense at all but I happily sang along anyway while enjoying the sunshiney sound of the trumpet.

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