More often than I like, I allow myself to be flattened by an ever-enlarging snowball of anxiety and irritability.

I don’t believe that I should suppress my so-called negative emotions (that would make things worse). It’s important to acknowledge what’s there and feel into it.

However, it’s counterproductive to stay stuck in a habit of resisting, complaining and fear-based forecasting.

I’m relinquishing my power when I continue to place my attention on what I DON’T want!

It’s worthwhile to take the time to choose what to focus upon: what I’m grateful for, what I WANT and how I wish my life to be.

Do you need to break that pattern of repeating and magnifying your suffering?

This coming Tuesday, we will dive into presence, breath, movement and sound as well as practicing gratitude and visualisation.

We deserve to enjoy our lives and feel good 😊

Recording available if you can’t make the session.

13th July


Via Zoom

€5 can be sent via:

Revolut @sharonov81

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by card, you can book in via Eventbrite here.

Or ask me for my IBAN.

Recorded Meditations

I’ve just recorded a Childbirth Meditation for someone and I’m feeling all the love.

If you’d like me to record a personalised (or more general) meditation for you on any topic, please get in touch. The meditations can be for pregnancy and childbirth; relaxation and peace of mind; releasing tension; study; setting intentions; mindfulness; breathwork; healthy body; or anything you can dream of.

These audio meditations include breathing exercises, guided meditation and mindfulness, affirmations and visualisation, with a background of beautiful music.

Please specify what you would prefer and I’ll tailor the meditation to your desires.

Superstar You Are

Feeling upset about something. Nothing in particular and everything at the same time. Unable to articulate, communicate or even know why.

I decide to meditate. Sit with the feeling. Then I start to speak, hesitantly, as though telling a loved one what’s wrong.

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The Adventure

I awake several times in pain. I might still be able to fit in a workout tomorrow morning before my flight, I try to convince myself.

The following morning, I can barely put weight on my foot. I had felt the twinges in a couple of fitness classes but had chosen to ignore them. I had pushed myself too hard and hadn’t listened to my body. Maybe I need to become more balanced in my approach, I muse philosophically while simultaneously huffing with resistance.

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