Big Picture

Your world revolves around you. You are the main character in your story.

This often leads you to take things personally and sweat the small stuff.

But on occasion, you’re lifted out of your own head and you experience a blissful moment of awe, connection and peace…

This can be brought on as you witness a miracle, immerse yourself in nature, hear an inspiring story of kindness or strength, or as you give it up in prayer or meditation.

Opening to that something greater, that big picture, puts things in perspective and reduces stress.

It allows feelings of calm and hope.

This coming Tuesday, we will tap into this elevated state through meditation, breath and visualisation.

27th July, 7:00-7:30PM

Via Zoom

The session will be recorded if you can’t make it live.

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More often than I like, I allow myself to be flattened by an ever-enlarging snowball of anxiety and irritability.

I don’t believe that I should suppress my so-called negative emotions (that would make things worse). It’s important to acknowledge what’s there and feel into it.

However, it’s counterproductive to stay stuck in a habit of resisting, complaining and fear-based forecasting.

I’m relinquishing my power when I continue to place my attention on what I DON’T want!

It’s worthwhile to take the time to choose what to focus upon: what I’m grateful for, what I WANT and how I wish my life to be.

Do you need to break that pattern of repeating and magnifying your suffering?

This coming Tuesday, we will dive into presence, breath, movement and sound as well as practicing gratitude and visualisation.

We deserve to enjoy our lives and feel good 😊

Recording available if you can’t make the session.

13th July


Via Zoom

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Revolut @sharonov81

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Dropping the Shoulds

Shoulds and shouldn’t haves make me weak. Whether these wishes for something different are directed at myself or others, they make me judgmental and unhappy.

When they refer to the past, I feel angry or guilty. When they relate to the present or future, they incite anxiety, pressure and resistance.

These shoulds and shouldn’t haves perpetuate stress. I tense my body and hold my breath.

However, when I choose to let go of the story (my version of how things are and how they should be), I feel relief and release. I soften. I relax. I am free to enjoy what the present moment has to offer. I breathe easier and my body feels looser, better.

This coming Tuesday, we’ll look at the shoulds that are running the show and ruling our lives. We’ll acknowledge how these shoulds are affecting us, how we feel, and how we relate to others and to life itself.

Through meditation, breath and connecting to our bodies and to ourselves in the present moment, we will release those shoulds that are causing us suffering. This will create the space for relaxation, presence and flow.

Tuesday 22nd June, 7:00-7:30PM via Zoom.

Recording available if you can’t make it live or would like to repeat it.

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Get Out of Your Head!

Get out of your head and into your body 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ 

The mind is an extremely useful device but you shouldn’t overwork it 🤯

When you’re trapped in your mind, you miss out on all that the present moment contains- connection, beauty, peace…

Of course, the present moment can sometimes feel painful but when you have the courage to be with whatever you encounter, there can be learning, release and healing!

In next week’s class, we will feel into our bodies, connect to our breath, drop into the present moment and be the witness to whatever is here for us.

This will release tension and deepen our relationship with ourselves.

Tuesday 8th June 7:00-7:30PM via Zoom.

If you can’t attend live, I’ll email you the recording 💓

You can book in through this link.

Alternatively, €5 can be transferred via Revolut to @sharonov81, to or ask me for my IBAN 🙏🏻

I’m looking forward to it 😊


Wednesday 16th June


Check in with yourself, how you are and what you need through mindfulness, meditation, guided visualisation and journaling.

The benefit of being present in self-reflection is that it guides you on the path that will bring you the most fulfilment, contentment, health and peace of mind.

Via Zoom


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Please feel free to share with anyone who might benefit from these sessions.

Nervous System Regulation

Tuesday 25th May


Self-regulation is one of the most important practices you can introduce into your life.

This is the ability to monitor and manage your energy, emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

It enhances the connection you have with yourself so you can get to know and understand yourself and what triggers you. 

During this meditation, you will learn how to regulate your nervous system so that you can experience more calm and well-being.

Via Zoom.

The class will be recorded if you can’t attend live or would like to do it all over again.

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Please feel free to share with anyone who might benefit from these sessions.

Release: A Meditation

I am guilty of trying to control what’s out of my control, making myself tense and anxious.

But have you ever had the control ripped away from you?

Where hope turned into crushing disappointment or grief? When the tears flowed and your energy flattened?

Only to uncover a sense of peace? A letting go?

All the tightness you held in your body releases. You breathe easier. Laugh harder.

Music is a gorgeous surprise. Nature a miracle for the senses.

Sometimes life takes the control away from you and it’s so bittersweet that your eyes water.

And sometimes you choose to release and let go all on your own.

You melt into relaxation, synch back into flow.

The relief and the release, the softness, the freedom!

Where all you have to do is surrender and witness each moment. Be in each moment.

Release: A Meditation

Tuesday 4th May


Via Zoom.

Recording on request.

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Riding the Waves: A Mindful Meditation

Do you ever feel like you’re lost at sea? With the great unknown & uncomfortable uncertainty stretching before you?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning, gasping for air? Or do you fear that you’ll be washed away by all of these emotions, overcome by disappointment, anxiety and sadness?

Alternatively, do you ride high on the crest of a win, a success, a good feeling, only to come crashing back down again?

This, my friend, is what it is to be a living, feeling human being.

However, there is a practice that enables you to be with your ever-changing thoughts and emotions without BECOMING them.

A practice that creates a distance between you the observer and what you’re observing.

Mindful meditation shows you how to ride the waves of life and witness the present moment whatever it contains. With the strength and flexibility of a master surfer, you can handle the inevitable ebbs and flows with courage and grace.

You’ll probably still fall occasionally and become immersed in the story or heightened emotion.

But your practice and experience in riding these waves tells you to breathe, to be, and to dance with the flow of this beautiful, unpredictable life. You might even find yourself enjoying it!

Next mindful meditation class Tuesday 27th April 7:00-7:30PM via Zoom.

€5 can be transferred via Revolut: @sharonov81 PayPal: or Eventbrite or ask me for my IBAN.

I’m looking forward to it.

Journey & Journal

Journaling is a powerful and effective tool for releasing trauma and difficult emotions while also accessing intuition and inner guidance.

During this workshop, we will meditate, breathe and journey through guided visualisation as well as tapping into our creative flow while we journal.

Bring along your journal, pen (and/or pencil/colours/paints/glitter/stickers).

This will be a relaxing and insightful workshop.

Wednesday 21st April 7:00-8:00PM via Zoom.

€10 can be paid via PayPal: or Revolut: @sharonov81 or ask me for my IBAN. You can also pay via Eventbrite.

A Meditation on Love

💞 LOVE 💞
Love is something that most of us hope and strive for and treasure when we feel it.
It’s also something we block or place conditions upon ⛔️
Because it’s one of THE most important things there is, the theme of my next meditation class is (you guessed it) LOVE 💖
During this half-hour session, we’ll meditate on love 💚 Love for and from others and love with oneself 🤗
We’ll enjoy heart-opening poses, we’ll allow our breath to embrace us and we’ll use the magic of visualisation, all the while boosting oxytocin (the love drug!) ✨
Tuesday 13th April @7PM over Zoom 💓
Just €5 💛
The class will be recorded if you can’t attend live or would like to do it all over again 😍