Yoga Nidra Meditation

It’s been over a month since our last meditation together! I’ve been busy with visitors and with working more 1:1 with coaching clients and with a meditation and relaxation programme I’ve devised.
But now it’s time to hold space for a group meditation. It will take place online this coming Wednesday 10th of August from 7:00-7:30PM Irish / 9:00-9:30PM Greek time.
Everyone’s welcome, whether you’re a seasoned meditator or a complete beginner.
Together, we will tap into presence and calm, through moving energy, breath exercises to regulate the nervous system, mindfulness and yoga nidra (guided meditation and visualisation to enter a deep relaxing state).
You can attend live (with camera on or off) or request the recording 🙏🏻
€5 can be transferred to @sharonov81 (Revolut) or to or to @sharonvogiatzi (PayPal) or ask me for my IBAN.
I’m really looking forward to it 😊

Serenity Meditation

When I’m stuck in my head, judging, remembering or planning, I forget to enjoy what’s right in front of me.

A friend and I discussed this the other day – how we snap in and out of presence.
What can help is regulating the nervous system through deep breathing and mindfulness.
I’ll be practicing on Monday evening, the 27th of June at 7PM Irish, 9PM Greek time.

Join me for 30 delicious minutes of movement, breath, meditation and visualisation so that we can flow into serenity, presence and appreciation.
It’ll be recorded in case you can’t make it live.
And it’s just €5 for this relaxing re-set, which can be paid to @sharonov81(Revolut) or or ask me for my IBAN.

Loving Kind Presence

It’s really sad to know how many of us are unkind to ourselves. We’re hyper-critical, comparing ourselves to others and rarely measuring up – not as good as or just not good enough.

This leads to a number of negative outcomes: lack of presence and peace, as well as competing with others instead of genuinely being happy for them and feeling grateful for what we already have and who we actually are.

I STILL do this – I compare, judge and feel inferior 🥺I lack confidence so I try to stay in my comfort zone. I don’t go for things that could enhance my life and I wind up feeling depressed or anxious.

When I get into this state, my breathing shortens and my body tenses.

What helps, relaxes and soothes me is sitting back into my body, feeling what’s going on for me, being present to that and practising kindness. I lengthen my breath and unclench my jaw. I allow the rest of my body to soften too.

We all need to sit into this space of presence and loving-kindness. We all need to take a deep breath.
Let’s do this together! It doesn’t matter where you are or whether you’ve meditated before or not. I will guide you.

This coming Wednesday 15th June 7:00 – 7:30PM Irish / 9:00 – 9:30PM Greek time via Zoom OR I’ll email you the recording if you can’t make it live or if you’d like to repeat it.

It’s just €5, which can be sent via Revolut to @sharonov81 or to or ask me for my IBAN.


During tumultuous times, I forget to breathe deeply. Or I just don’t feel like it.
In recent times however, I’ve reminded myself of the physiological benefits of extending my breath. It tells my nervous system that I’m relaxing. So I do actually relax!
This coming Tuesday, let’s deepen our breath together. We’ll move and breathe, practice mindfulness and I’ll guide you in visualisation.

Tuesday 31st May

7:00-7:30PM 🇨🇮 9:00-9:30PM 🇬🇷

Via Zoom. Recording available.

€5 can be transferred via Revolut to @sharonov81 or to or ask me for my IBAN.

Energy Meditation

Movement is powerful and transformative.
And we have the choice as to how to play with our energetic state.
Often unbeknownst to us, it can be actually quite quick and easy to change our mood and energy level for the better.
Moving our bodies and being moved by our breath can unblock and release stuck and stagnant energy so that we can enjoy lightness and flow, thus forging a healthier, happier state of mind and body.
This coming Tuesday, we’ll move and shake, breathe, meditate and visualise so that we can tap into the abundance of our life force. We will also practice presence, rest in relaxation and boost our mood.
Tuesday 10th May 7:00 – 7:30PM 🇨🇮 9:00 – 9:30PM 🇬🇷 Recording available.
€5 payable to: @sharonov81 (Revolut); or click here if you want to pay by card.
** This session is included in the 4-week Meditation and Relaxation Techniques course if you’ve signed up for that **

Gratitude Meditation

We sat overlooking Chania, appreciating the sun’s sayonara.
My sister’s boyfriend suggested standing and saying what we’re grateful for.
I stood and said: “I’m grateful for my wonderful, gorgeous fiancé. I’m grateful that I’m living by the sea in Greece, close to my sister and her lovely partner. I’m grateful that I’m writing a book!”
My energy transformed as I spoke these things aloud. I raised my arms and cheered.
Only one day previously, I’d been feeling down. I know that I have a tendency to focus on all the negatives when I’m in that state, I overwhelm myself with them. I forget all the good things and how lucky I am.
I also know that I don’t want to pretend that I’m jolly when I’m not. So for me, it’s a balance of allowing myself to feel and express, while being compassionate towards myself.
It’s extremely hard to get from despair to joy but gratitude is the bridge that can elevate your mood and your vibration, even if it’s just by a little.
This coming Tuesday, join me for a meditation on gratitude. We’ll move, breathe and meditate, gently soothing and calming, while also boosting our mood.
If you sign up or are signed up for the four-week course in Meditation and Relaxation Techniques starting on Wednesday, you’ll receive this meditation and the next meditation I do for free!
Tuesday 26th April 7:00-7:30PM 🇨🇮 9:00-9:30PM 🇬🇷 Recording available.
€5 payable to @sharonov81 (Revolut) or or click here if you’d like to pay with card.

Course in Meditation & Relaxation Techniques

This four-week course will give you the positive habits of meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, visualisation, journaling, gratitude (and more) that will de-stress and unwind as well as invite calm and delicious relaxation.

The course will also enable you to dive into why you’re feeling the way you are so that you can compassionately release blockages and fears and gain insights into what you need and how to move forwards.

Over these four weeks, participants are invited to ask questions and to share any difficulties and challenges so that we can learn from, support and even inspire one another.

In addition to these four one-hour sessions, attendees will gain access to two extra half-hour meditations, which you can attend live and/or receive the recordings.

These meditations will take place on Tuesdays from 19:00-19:30 Irish / 21:00-21:30 Greek time on the 26th of April and the 10th of May.

This course has been devised by a Life Coach, meditation and mindfulness facilitator and holistic therapist, and it has helped many people over the years.

The four-week course will take place Wednesdays 19:00-20:00 Irish / 21:00-22:00 Greek time, starting the 27th of April and finishing on the 18th of May.

€50 for the course can be transferred via Revolut to @sharonov81 or to or click here to pay by card.

Meet Yourself Where You Are

Some people presume they have to be in an optimal state for meditation – zen, calm and clear-minded.

And of course, meditation is really enjoyable when we’re feeling that way.
But we need meditation most when we’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and distracted!
However, we must remember not to try to force ourselves to feel good. Instead, meditation allows us to meet ourselves Where We Are.
However we’re feeling is okay. All we do is sit with ourselves in quiet companionship, be the witness to whatever’s going on, and hold space for ourselves.
And when we connect to our breath and practice mindfulness, we regulate our nervous systems.So we can be with ourselves in presence and with compassion.
In my meditations, I always give the option for movement/stretching/self-massage at the beginning because that’s what I need before settling into stillness.
Meet yourself Where You Are at my next meditation this coming Tuesday.

Tuesday 22nd March

7:00-7:30PM 🇨🇮

9:00-9:30PM 🇬🇷

Recording available 💓

€5 payable to:

@sharonov81 (Revolut)

Or pay with card here.

Meditation Challenge

Would you like me to be your meditation accountability partner?
At the start of Lent, some people begin fasting or abstaining from alcohol or sugar or complaining.
Even those who aren’t religious use these 40 days as an opportunity to practice discipline, test strength and build resolve.
If you recognise the benefits of meditation but struggle to do it consistently or find it hard to sit still when you do, let’s become accountability buddies.
For the next 40 days, we’ll commit to meditating (even if it’s for as little as five minutes).
You can choose which style of meditation you prefer or experiment with different types.
Then message me a simple ✅ each day once you’ve completed it.
And don’t hesitate to ask questions/look for tips/share feedback.
In addition to all of that, this coming Tuesday, I invite you to a 30-minute online meditation.
I’ll email you the recording afterwards so you can do it as often as you like AND I’ll send you a list of things you can try during your daily meditations.
The 30-minute meditation is on Tuesday 8th March.
7:00-7:30PM 🇨🇮 9:00-9:30PM 🇬🇷
€10 for all of the above.
Or €5 if you just want to do the 30-minute meditation.

Revolut: @sharonov81
Or ask me for my IBAN.
Please feel free to share with anyone who might benefit from this.

Enliven Meditation

Did you know that meditation can energise as well as relax you?
Becoming really present enlivens the body and spirit while also deepening your connection with an inner peace.
This coming Tuesday, we’ll awaken and invigorate ourselves. AND we’ll self-soothe and cultivate calm.

Tuesday 8th February

7:00-7:30PM 🇨🇮 9:00-9:30PM 🇬🇷

Via Zoom

Recording available

€5 to 🔽

@sharonov81 (Revolut)

Or click here to pay with card