Open: A Meditation


What does that word trigger in you?

What benefits come from allowing yourself to be open? Are there drawbacks to openness?

What does being open feel like?

A certain amount of anxiety can actually be helpful in order to practice discernment and make judgment calls that are right for you.

However, are you being too cautious? Holding on so tight that there’s very little room for space and flow? Are you closing off to all the good you could be experiencing?

This 30-minute meditation session will explore the theme of openness through gentle stretching, breathing exercises and guided visualisation.

Tuesday 23rd March at 7PM Irish time via Zoom.

€5. You can pay via PayPal: or Revolut: @sharonov81 or ask me for my IBAN. You can also pay via Eventbrite.

Join live or request the recording 🤗